Chinese couple charged with murder of South Korean influencer in Cambodia

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A Cambodian court has charged a Chinese couple with murdering a South Korean influencer who they insist died while receiving treatment in their clinic.


BJ Ahyeong was found dumped on the outskirts of Phnom Penh in Cambodia | lovely_ahyeong/Instagram


The Chinese couple has been arrested by Cambodian police for abandoning the body of a Korean influencer, as reported by Rasmei Kampuchea Daily on Sunday. | Rasmeinews


The body of BJ Ahyeong was found dumped on the outskirts of Cambodia's capital, Phnom Penh, last week.

The couple say they abandoned her body after she had seizures and died while receiving treatment at their beauty clinic in the city.

But prosecutors have refuted their account.

Prosecutor Plang Sophal told the AFP news agency that Lai Wenshao and Cai Huijuan had been charged with "murder accompanied by torture".

Her body was reportedly wrapped in red cloth and found by locals.

BJ Ahyeong was an influencer for AfreecaTV, a South Korean video streaming service, and had more than 260,000 followers on Instagram.

BJ is short for Broadcast Jockey and is a Korean term for people who deliver live streaming to viewers.

South Korean media have reported her real identity as 33-year-old Byun Ah-yeong.

In March, she announced she was stepping away from her public persona to "live as a normal person".

The couple face life imprisonment if found guilty.


A Chinese couple are accused of murdering BJ Ahyeong and dumping her body in Cambodia.
ដោយៈ មុនីរត្ន / ភ្នំពេញៈ ករណីប្រទះឃើញសាកសពមនុស្សស្រី រុំកន្ទេល ផ្លុងចោល នៅចំណុចភូមិឆ្មាពួន ឃុំជើងកើប ស្រុកកណ្ដាលស្ទឹង ខេត្តកណ្ដាល ត្រូវបាននាយកដ្ឋាន នគរបាលព្រហ្មទណ្ឌ ធ្វើការស្រាវជ្រាវ បង្ក្រាបបានហើយ។...
A popular influencer who had 250K followers on Instagram has been found dead in Cambodia. Reported rumors claim the body was found badly beaten.
지난달 캄보디아에서 사망한 30대 한국인 여성이 성폭행을 당한 것으로 의심되는 정황이 있었다는 현지 수사 관계자 발언이 나왔다. 지난 8일 방영된 SBS ‘그것이 알고 싶다’에서는 지난 6월 6일 캄보디아 수도 프놈


딱 봐도 성폭행하고 프로포폴로 죽인것이다.

??근데 현지도 모자이크 안했는데 더러운 짱깨 살인범들은 왜 모자이크 쳐해줌? 미쳤냐??

범죄자 인권만 중시하는 개한민국 아니랄까봐. 이딴게 인권이냐??

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