as*cen*sion \ ə-ˈsen(t)-shən \
14th century
  • the act or process of ascending


geographical name
As*cen*sion \ ə-ˈsen(t)-shən \
  • isolated island in the South Atlantic belonging to the British colony of Saint Helena area 34 square miles (88 square kilometers), population 1400

Ascension Day

Ascension Day \
14th century
  • the Thursday 40 days after Easter observed in commemoration of Christ's ascension into Heaven

right ascension

right ascension \
15th century
  • the arc of the celestial equator between the vernal equinox and the point where the hour circle through a given body intersects the equator reckoned eastward commonly in terms of the corresponding interval of sidereal time in hours, minutes, and seconds

the Ascension

the Ascension \
  • the Christian holiday that celebrates Jesus Christ's journey to heaven after his death
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