au*ro*ra \ ə-ˈrȯr-ə \ ȯ- \
14th century{ds||1||}
  • dawn
  • the Roman goddess of dawn
  • a luminous phenomenon that consists of streamers or arches of light appearing in the upper atmosphere of a planet's magnetic polar regions and is caused by the emission of light from atoms excited by electrons accelerated along the planet's magnetic field lines


geographical name
Au*ro*ra \ ə-ˈrȯr-ə \ ȯ- \
  • city in north central Colorado east of Denver population 325,078
  • city west of Chicago in northeastern Illinois population 197,899
  • town north of Toronto in southeastern Ontario, Canada population 53,203

aurora australis

aurora aus*tra*lis \ -ȯ-ˈstrā-ləs \ -ä-ˈstrā- \
circa 1734
  • an aurora that occurs in earth's southern hemisphere —called also southern lights

aurora borealis

aurora bo*re*al*is \ -ˌbȯr-ē-ˈa-ləs \
  • an aurora that occurs in earth's northern hemisphere —called also northern lights
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