Olym*pus \ ə-ˈlim-pəs \ ō- \
15th century
  • a mountain in Thessaly that in Greek mythology is the abode of the gods

Olympus, Mount:g

geographical name
Olym*pus, Mount \ ə-ˈlim-pəs \ ō- \
  • mountain 7965 feet (2428 meters) high in northwestern Washington which is the highest in the Olympic Mountains
  • massif of northeastern Greece in Thessaly near coast of the Gulf of Salonika; highest point 9570 feet (2917 meters)

Ulu Dag:g

geographical name
Ulu Dag \ ˌü-lə-ˈdä(g) \
  • mountain 8343 feet (2543 meters) high in northwestern Turkey in Asia southeast of Bursa
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